Multiple Tooth Replacement with Implants

Sometimes, patients come to us requiring full mouth reconstructions. Whether you are already missing teeth or require full mouth extractions, we offer two options for full mouth implant reconstructions: removable or fixed.  Read more about both options to see which might be a better fit for you.

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Fixed Implant Bridgework

Permanently cemented bridgework is an excellent full-mouth restoration option for patients who don’t want to take their teeth out at night.

What is the process for permanently cemented bridgework?

  1. We place 5-6 implants on the lower jaw or 6-7 implants on the upper jaw to support the future bridges. They heal underneath the gums for about 4 months.  
  2. The implants are uncovered and several stages of cosmetic try-ins are tested to ensure that you love your new smile.
  3. A metal framework bridge with porcelain teeth is permanently cemented onto the implants.

What are the advantages to permanently cemented bridgework?

There are several advantages to permanently cemented bridgework, including:

  • A natural looking smile
  • No need to remove teeth or worry about them falling out
  • Excellent chewing efficiency

What if one of the porcelain teeth is chipped after my bridge is inserted?

If any of the porcelain teeth are chipped, they can be repaired in most cases by simply preparing that damaged tooth to receive a porcelain crown, much like you would do on a natural tooth.  We always recommend that patients wear a nightguard after receiving their bridges in order to protect them.

How much does permanently cemented bridgework cost?

Porcelain cemented bridgework starts at $15,000 for lower bridgework and $18,000 for upper bridgework.

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Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

Implant-retained removable dentures are an ideal restoration option for those who wish to remove their dentures in order to clean them. They are sometimes a preferable option over fixed bridges if your face has a sunken appearance from years of missing teeth. The dentures will offer more lip support than traditional bridges and instantly make you look younger!  

Implant-supported dentures are also a great option for conventional denture wearers who have a gag reflex; if you have 6 upper implants we can trim the palate so it is more comfortable. We can also easily add 2-4 implants to lower dentures in order to make them feel more secure for eating and speaking.

What is the process for implant-supported dentures?

  1. We place 2-4 implants on the lower jaw and 4-6 implants on the upper jaw. They heal underneath the gums for about 4 months. During this time you will wear your existing denture or a denture that we made for you.
  2. The implants are uncovered and ball abutments are added on top of the implants. We then make a new denture or reline your existing denture to include gaskets that snap onto the ball abutments.

How is an implant-retained removable denture made?

An implant-retained removable denture is made with ball attachments on the underside that snap onto the gaskets in the denture, preventing any rocking or sliding. The gaskets can easily be replaced over time as they loosen, and a new denture itself can be made at minimal cost when the old one shows wear.

What are the benefits of implant-removable dentures?

Those with implant-retained removable dentures experience a handful of benefits, including:

  • The ease of an inexpensive replacement
  • The ability to remove and thoroughly clean the denture
  • Increased longevity for those who may grind or clench their jaw
  • Replacement of lost lip support – an instant facelift!

How much do implant-retained removable dentures cost?

Implant-retained dentures start at $4,000 for lower dentures and $8,000 for upper dentures.

For current denture wearers who are tired of using adhesive, but otherwise happy with their dentures, we can offer to add two implants for $2,999.  

Options while Healing from Full Mouth Restoration

There are several options you can choose from while healing. Your dentist will work with you to choose the option that will be best for your oral health and your smile.

  • A conventional full denture
  • A non-removable temporary denture that is attached to the implants
  • Both a conventional healing denture (for the upper jaw) and a non-removable temporary denture (for the lower jaw)

A non-removable temporary denture requires a certain bone density and a patient without severe biting forces. If you choose this option, you will be placed on a soft diet for several months to protect the implants as they heal. This treatment involves slightly more risk to the implants themselves and also involves an increase in fees.

How long does a full mouth restoration take?

The length of time for each procedure listed above may vary significantly. Also, if extractions are required, if the amount of bone is insufficient for implant placement without additional grafting, or if there is an extensive infection to be managed, the length of treatment time may increase and there may be additional fees. We will not compromise a treatment that we hope will last 30 years because we want to save three months of healing time.  

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