If you are missing teeth, full or partial dentures may be the ideal solution for you. A few appointments will be necessary to provide you with the perfect fit.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetics designed to help people with missing teeth perform everyday tasks, like eating and speaking, that would otherwise be difficult. They also help correct the mouth’s sunken, collapsed appearance that occurs from missing teeth.

Why do dentures loosen over time?

Dentures loosen over time due to bone loss after teeth are extracted.  

As you age, your jawbone changes. Most dentures will fit well when they are first made, but over time, they will become loose and may irritate areas of your mouth. This usually can be resolved by having them adjusted or relined by the dentist.  Implants may also be placed and connected to your denture to help alleviate the frustration caused by loose dentures.

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How much do removable dentures cost?

Dentures cost less than other restoration options. Full removable dentures start at $799 per arch and partial dentures start at $899 per arch.

What are some of the benefits of removable dentures?

There are several reasons why patients may opt for removable dentures, including:

  • They are easier to clean and are more hygienic
  • They give support to the upper lip when you have bone loss – like an instant facelift!
  • They are more cost-effective than other restoration options
  • They are simpler and less expensive to repair or replace

Implant-Retained Dentures

What is an implant-retained denture?

Implant-retained dentures provide stability to existing loose dentures. They snap into two to four implants on the lower arch and four to six implants on the upper arch. They give patients a better quality of life by reducing the need to use adhesive and increasing their confidence that their denture will not fall out while eating or speaking (or sneezing!)   

What is the process for implant-retained dentures?

  1. Implants are placed in your jawbone and buried beneath the gum.
  2. You heal with the implants buried for 4 months while new bone grows around them.
  3. Your implants are then uncovered and taller buttons are placed on top of them so they stick above the gums. At this point, your denture will be modified.
  4. 1-2 weeks later when your gums are completely healed, ball abutments are attached to your implants. Your old denture will then be modified to hold attachments that snap over the ball abutments, or a new denture with attachments will be made.
  5. The denture is snapped into place and is supported by the implants and soft tissue.

Can an implant-retained denture be removed?

An implant-retained denture can and should be removed each night for cleaning.

How much do implant-retained dentures cost?

Implant-retained dentures start at $2,999 (when we connect 2 implants to your existing denture; this is only available for the lower jaw).

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