Considering dentures? You wouldn’t be alone. Over 20 million Americans are currently wearing dentures and smiling brighter because of them.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with our Berks County dentists, you probably have a few questions about dentures. Most patients come to our office with questions about the dentures process. How does it begin? How long does it take? What should patients do to prepare?

We like to tell our patients that, while dentures from start to finish may take a few months, their results are life-changing and well worth the wait. Below we’ve broken down a brief timeline of the dentures process from beginning to end.


In some cases, teeth may have to be extracted to make room for the denture. The number of teeth removed varies on a case-by-case basis. Some patients need all of their teeth removed for full dentures, while other patients may only need several teeth removed for partial dentures.

The healing process for this part of the procedure takes about 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re worried about being without teeth during this time, don’t worry! Immediate dentures are an option for some patients. These temporary dentures replace your teeth and help you get used to the fit and feel of dentures.


After your gums heal from your extraction, our dentists will take an impression of your gums. You may have received an impression before your extraction for immediate dentures, but an extraction will change the shape and size of your gums, rendering another impression necessary

Shape, Size, and Shade

Dentures are so popular because they look like natural teeth. That’s because our Berks County and Lehigh Valley dentists work closely with you to help you pick out the appearance of your new dentures. Picking the color and shade of your teeth helps you find a more natural match, while picking the proper shape will help make the dentures more comfortable.

Our team will send your impression and preferences out to the lab so that lab technicians can create a pair of dentures that look as real as possible.

Your Fitting

After several weeks, you’ll return to the office for a first-look at your new pair of dentures! Our dentists will work with you to make adjustments and refinements until your dentures are comfortable. Sometimes this involves try-ins, which are plastic, practice dentures. Other times, you may be happy with your dentures on the first try.

This process takes several visits, as the feel of your dentures can change over time. We’ll adjust your dentures as needed until you’re happy with the way they look and feel!

If you’d like, bring a friend or loved one with you so they can be the first to see your new smile!

Start Smiling!

After you’re happy with your dentures, our dentists will walk you through their proper care and maintenance to keep your smile shining bright. Adjustments can be made as needed and our team will always be available to address questions or concerns.

Dentures from start to finish are not as daunting of a process as some people think! If you’re ready to take the step toward a fuller, healthier, and more confident smile, contact our team of dentists in Reading, Lansdale, Easton, Limerick, and West Chester.